Healthcare Drone API

Apian is an API, an application programming interface, connecting the healthcare industry with the drone industry. Its not just software though, its a hardware, regulatory, standards and evidence based API that simplifies the adoption of drones by abstracting the underlying implementation and only exposing the actions each industry needs.

This helps fellow clinicians deliver a higher quality of care to the community they’re serving. Our evidence-based research will demonstrate the improvement in patient experiences and health outcomes, which in turn will enable us to transform care pathways for the better. In doing so, we can integrate drones into the healthcare ecosystem in a simple, scalable and sustainable way.

NHS Air Grid (NAG)

A nationwide network of secure air corridors (droneways!) connecting hospitals, GPs, care homes, pharmacies and other healthcare providers designated for NHS service delivery.


Purpose built drone hubs for healthcare providers, facilitating drone operations, recharge stations and storage. This will be equipped with the latest technology and connected into UK airspace via UTM.

Medical drone container

Standardised, medical-grade container adhering to packaging and transport regulations ensuring ease of payload auditing. This will enable payload security and authentication, as well as measuring and recording internal payload environments.

Order management

A clinician interface app allowing healthcare staff to safely and securely schedule, order, track and bill drone deliveries. This job management platform allows smart procurement, inventory management and forecasting of patient samples and supplies.

Health systems integration

Seamless integration into Laboratory information management system (LIMS) and EHR (Electronic Health Records) optimising workflows and avoiding "yet another login" for clinicians to forget.

Standards, best practice guidelines & staff training

Derive evidence-based clinical and non-clinical recommendations for the use of drones in healthcare. This will include Patient and Public Involvement (PPI), healthcare staff engagement and academic research.