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We're NHS Entrepreneurs taking healthcare to new heights

Apian is a healthcare drone startup, founded by NHS doctors in training. Our mission is to support fellow doctors, nurses and other care workers by transforming the way the logistics they depend on are delivered.

A service designed for clinicians by clinicians

We’re trying to solve a set of problems we ourselves face. Timely and reliable delivery of supplies and pathology tests depend on road congestion. Overstocking of medical devices, pharmacy and healthcare consumables wastes money. Duplication of compound pharmacies and device sterilisation use hospital staff and space. Air pollution by the NHS accounts for 5% of all UK road transport emissions. Apian will improve health with smarter, faster delivery, save money by consolidating clinical services and reduce pollution using less fossil fuel.

Better health outcomes

We use drones to make people and the planet feel better. We’re gathering evidence to measure how much this automated, on-demand, just-in-time delivery platform impacts care pathways, levels up care and improves the quality of patient lives. We believe every patient should be able to access healthcare in a smarter, faster and cleaner way. Onwards and upwards!

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