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of or relating to bees.

Apian’s mission is to make people and the planet feel better. We do this by using drones to deliver smarter, faster and cleaner healthcare. The idea came to Christopher and Hammad (co-founders of the Dulwich College Rocketry Society 🚀 ) in 2018. They spent next two years working on their idea, which won the UK Space Agency SatelLife Competition and Galileo Masters UK Regional Challenge, before being appointed the youngest ever NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs in 2019. It was here they met Alexander with whom they founded Apian in April 2020 🐝

We're loosely based in London but largely work up and down the UK.

Team (worker bees!)

Sophie Barrack

Business Development & Project Manager

Max Coppin


Harry Howe

Business Development Manager

Hammad Jeilani

Co-founder, Medical Director

Christopher Law

Co-founder, Medical Director

Alexander Trewby

Co-founder, CEO

Board (queen bees!)

Paul Clarke

AI Council, Robotics Growth Partnership, ISCF Future Flight, former Ocado CTO

Dan Mahony

Co-Head Healthcare at Polar Capital Partners

Deborah Packwood

Head of Solutions SYNLAB UK and Ireland

Open positions

We're just getting started and right now need engineers, designers and really anyone who wants to hustle for something truly worthwhile. If you think you could be happy in your work at Apian, drop us a line and come join in the fun!

Full stack web engineer

  • Experience in building pixel-perfect Web UI in: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience building Front-Ends for high traffic public facing web sites
  • Good understanding of progressive web applications (PWA)
  • Node.js or other isomorphic JavaScript libraries
  • Exposure to Agile Development methodologies
  • Creating design patterns in Web UI that are reusable, cross-browser compatible and responsive
  • Ability to develop new and innovative applications as well as debug and refactor existing code
  • Experience with SQL and/or NoSQL database technologies
  • Experience in designing, implementing and supporting highly scalable RESTful web services
  • Experience designing and implementing new APIs, or augmenting existing APIs Unit testing and regression testing experience Strong debugging and diagnostic skills

Product & graphic designer

  • A portfolio showcasing UX, UI and visual design work for digital and print.
  • Proficient in the formal elements of design, including typography, layout, balance, hierarchy, proportion, emphasis, and unity.
  • Photoshop expertise, including intelligently organising files for design iteration and web production.
  • Ability to create simple prototypes that convey preferred states, motion, and behaviours for interactive concept.s
  • A command of visual and communication design principles
  • Ability to communicate design concepts through sketches and wireframes.
  • Highly skilled in Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator and other design tools.
  • Ability to prototype in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, AfterEffects, or other tools.